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Eliminate PCB Design Spins with automated verification and simulation


Eliminate PCB Design Spins with automated verification and simulation

Webinar Overview

The use of analysis often and throughout the board development process results in reaping tangible benefits by achieving on-time design release without resource surges or higher re-spins. With the ever increase in the design complexity and need for optimizations, there is a need to re-invent the approach towards validation and move the verifications & simulations to early phases of design process. This 'left shift' approach enables Hardware & Layout designers to validate within their native environment, minimizing the bottleneck waiting for specialist reviews and freeing specialists to resolve the remaining critical issues. This webinar walks you through the design challenges and systematic automated and analytical approach used throughout the design process to address these challenges right from schematic validation, Signal and Power Integrity, Electrical sign-off, and Manufacturability.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand Next Generation Electronics Trend
  • PCB Design & verification challenges
  • PCB/Package Analysis and Verification solutions
  • Who Should Attend

  • PCB Layout Engineers
  • Hardware Design Engineers
  • SI Engineers
  • System Designers and Integrators
  • Engineering Managers
  • Project Managers
  • TopicsĀ Covered

  • Left shift Verification Methodology
  • Schematic and Board validation
  • Signal/Power Integrity Solutions
  • Design Manufacturing validation
  • Meet the speaker

    Siemens EDA

    Amit Somanagoudar

    Field Application Engineer

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