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Accelerated electronics vibration testing with Mission Synthesis


Accelerated electronics vibration testing with Mission Synthesis

Please register for this webinar presentation on electronics reliability considering random vibration and shock influences and how to better define accelerated vibration testing using mission synthesis to reflect real-world product usage. Mission Synthesis is a damage-based method that utilizes real usage profile measurement to generate an equivalent accelerated vibration test profile.

Avoiding over testing and under testing with Mission Synthesis

Many manufacturers rely on ASTM, MIL or ISO standard vibration tests alone, where typically an average vibration excitation is applied over time and then the product is functionally tested afterward. This may result in over testing, causing unnecessary prototype costs and delays, or in the case of under testing where failures may not be captured, it can lead to product field failures, consumer dissatisfaction and warranty/recall costs.

Learn more at this online presentation that uses a laptop example to illustrate how to avoid risks of over testing and under testing and how to take into account fatigue life through the process of mission synthesis with Simcenter Testlab solutions. By exploring 3 different consumer electronics user profiles for a laptop and capturing real-world measurement data on daily use, the process for developing an accelerated electronics vibration testing profile is shown

Topics on Mission Synthesis

  • Selection and measurement of the real-life vibrations or “missions”
  • Calculation of damage potential
  • Defining total damage-equivalent
  • Setting an accelerated test for a shaker test system


Frank Demesmaeker, Senior Business Development Manager - Simcenter Testing Solutions