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Use smart manufacturing strategies such as a digital twin to improve your shop floor process

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Picture of a factory shop floor with workers at machine while visual data floats around them representing the digital twin

The electronics industry is constantly evolving, with new technology driving the rapid innovation of products and markets. Still, those same technologies also significantly disrupt how we manufacture products, resulting in constant pressure on companies to reinvent or evolve their production capabilities. As a result, time-to-market (TTM) windows are shrinking along with the opportunity for businesses to make a profit. Unfortunately, manufacturers unable to keep up rapidly lose market share to their competition.

Digital twins of production are already successful in automotive and aerospace to address this exact challenge: Ever changing products, smaller lot sizes, and shrinking times from concept to delivery.

Watch this webinar to learn about proven smart manufacturing strategies that can help you maintain and improve your utilization and performance KPIs.

How to drive your utilization and performance KPIs higher with Siemens digital twin software

Drive your utilization and performance KPIs higher with comprehensive digital twin software. Use the digital twin to simulate and predict set-up and material replenishment demand, and run multiple scenarios to assess the impact of workforce availability on performance. Simulation with a comprehensive digital twin will increase utilization and performance and contribute to higher margins.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Use a digital twin to predict set-up and material management demands correctly
  • Leverage the digital twin to plan for uninterrupted production properly
  • Identify the impact of workforce fluctuations and make decisions accordingly
  • Discover the benefits of 3D layouts for new electronics production builds

How your manufacturing shop floors can deliver the performance and faster NPI cycle times the market is calling for

The market requires faster NPI cycle times, and smart manufacturing can help improve performance KPIs, improve resource utilization and reduce downtime with optimized production lines, all contributing to faster NPI cycle times. 

Smart manufacturing strategies that leverage the digital twin can help you improve your KPIs

Demand for electronics-in-everything, ever shorter product cycles and significantly smaller lot sizes will impact your utilization and performance KPIs, threatening to cut into your margins. Digital twins allow planning of set-up operations and material replenishment, so your lines run uninterrupted and are not waiting on material. If you are constructing new lines, digital twins will shorten concept-to-build cycles and eliminate costly surprises when positioning or re-positioning equipment.

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