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Mastering electronic assembly stencil design: enhance efficiency and quality

Estimated Watching Time: 43 minutes


Image of the solder paste application from the electronics stencil design process

It’s estimated that are around 25 million new product introductions (NPIs) are built every year. These NPIs require stencils. Every batch of electronic assemblies requires a stencil to print solder paste through and a pick and place program to place parts.

This webinar focuses on the stencil design process, steps toward enhanced production efficiency and quality and how to streamline the flow with the product digital twin. Process and manufacturing engineers involved in stencil design can benefit from insights gained by DB Products, a stencil manufacturer that produces thousands of stencils annually.

Understanding the importance of stencils in electronic assembly

Stencil design is just one step in a much more complex set of processes. Other machines and steps need to be considered:

  • Inspection, test, pick and place
  • The use of different data sources, limiting accuracy and consistency
  • Mismatches in data that impact production

Download this webinar to learn how a single product digital twin creates consistency, reduces time-to-market and improves accuracy.

Overcoming challenges in stencil design: lessons from industry leaders

DB Products provides stencils and tooling for the electronics assembly market. Each year, more than 10,000 stencils are created for approximately 350 different customers. The manufacturer required the creation of a complex stencil without compromises in a reputable manner with limited risk in a quick turnaround.

After an extensive search process, our Valor Process Preparation was selected to perform the job.

Harnessing the power of product digital twin in stencil design

Using Siemens complete product digital twin reduces the overall time-to-market, creates consistency between all machines and improves the accuracy of every step. A streamlined stencil flow allows the stencil manufacturer to manage the creation process based on the intelligent digital twin data used by the customer.

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