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Make or Buy: which is better for E/E systems development tools?


Make or Buy: which is better for E/E systems development tools?

Many modern products, such as automobiles and aircraft, contain highly sophisticated electrical and electronic (E/E) systems. Yet despite the importance and technical challenges of E/E systems development, proprietary in-house software tools are still widely used for tasks such as data network verification, wire harness manufacturing engineering, and after-sales diagnostics. In contrast, adjacent tasks such as printed circuit board design and mechanical CAD are almost always undertaken using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) tools provided by specialized vendors. This webinar examines why this is the case, the maturity of COTS E/E systems development tools, and the factors relevant to make-or-buy decisions in this domain.

Analyzing tradeoffs between E/E systems design tools

  • Factors influencing the adoption of COTS tools for E/E systems development, including historical practices, standards, and E/E technology dynamics
  • Business imperatives influencing the make-or-buy decision, including strategic focus, cost of ownership, and IP protection
  • Relevant technology advances, including security, tool interoperability, and SaaS

Who would be interested in E/E systems design tools

  • Engineering managers involved in the selection of E/E systems development software tools
  • IT managers responsible for software tools policies
  • Executive managers seeking to gain competitive advantage in E/E systems development