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Integrated simulation tools for electric ship propulsion

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Integrated simulation tools for electric ship propulsion

Meet the challenges of marine electric propulsion system design

Electric powertrain and propulsion systems are not only quieter but also reduce emissions. Passenger ferries, in-harbor boats, and leisure vessels are all moving towards all-electric solutions. But designing electric motors and battery packs, and integrating these into boat designs, presents new challenges. For example:

  • How can you ensure the battery pack meets power requirements through the complete operating profile?
  • What is the minimum motor size which still meets power safety regulations?
  • How can you optimize motors and batteries to minimize energy requirements and reduce noise?

Our solutions help you to answer these questions and more. Whether you are investigating powertrain integration, battery pack, and motor systems, or high-fidelity component optimization, our simulation tools create a digital twin of your electric ship propulsion system. Watch now to see how to predict performance, investigate alternative designs and meet your electrical design targets faster.

Who should watch this webinar on electric powered boat design?

The presentations will be of interest to naval architects who are interested in the design challenges arising from a change to marine electric propulsion. We will show how to use CFD simulation to predict ship resistance and combine results with 1D system simulation to forecast power requirements and required battery pack and motor architecture.

We will also cover how to use higher-fidelity simulation tools to investigate and optimize battery and motor performance. This will be useful for engineers and marine suppliers who want to take a closer look at electrical component performance, tailor their products to marine requirements and speed up their design processes.

Learn more about our marine simulation solutions

Developing the next generation of ships and improving the efficiency of the existing fleet requires an integrated approach to design. Naval architects and marine suppliers need to deliver efficiency improvements and innovative technologies in short time frames, and have confidence their designs will perform under a wide range of operating conditions.

We help you to achieve your design goals faster by providing an unparalleled portfolio of solutions for marine performance engineering. Our solutions include Multiphysics CAE software, systems simulation tools, targeted design solutions and design exploration and optimization software. These mean you can explore any aspect of ship design and performance, at full scale and under realistic operating conditions. A simulation-driven approach to design enables you to collaborate effectively, explore hundreds of design options and meet and exceed your efficiency requirements.

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