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Driving electric powertrain innovation through simulation


Driving electric powertrain innovation through simulation

Globalization, demographic transformation and climate change are megatrends that will impact the future of mobility. Following this urbanization process, vehicles need to improve in safety, efficiency and range in order to assure economic competitiveness without forgetting environmental sustainability. To support this sustainable development, simulation technologies are fundamental to create efficient electromobility solutions.

This On-Demand webinar will focus on and demonstrate how simulation tools can be efficiently used together as an end-to-end solution, from the system down to component level. This video will explore powertrain system simulation using advanced software and component level design and optimization for:

  • Electric machine design, using tool chains for cooling, detailed electromagnetics and simple mechanical stress analysis.
  • Battery design, particularly looking at cell design to improve specific requirements on energy density material costs, lifetime, etc.
  • Thermal analysis, focusing on designing the appropriate cooling system to ensure the best performance for electric machines and batteries.

SPEAKER: Nicolas Kieny, Siemens PLM Software