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Pioneering innovative electric powertrain architectures using multi-physics simulation


Pioneering innovative electric powertrain architectures using multi-physics simulation

The move towards electrification isn’t just about the change from a combustion engine to a hybrid or fully electric model using legacy architectures. It requires advanced engineering to reshape the vehicle concepts to reconcile conflicting requirements like maximum performance and range.

This session will explore how Magna Powertrain has implemented multi-physics, multi-level simulation approaches to predict the performance of dozens of innovative architectures while keeping costs and delays under control.

In this webinar:

  • Wolfgang Schweiger gives an overview of how Simcenter Amesim is used in the early development phase to increase the scope of architecture to evaluate and to select suitable gearbox concepts.
  • Christoph Gsenger describes their use of Simcenter Amesim to consolidate architecture conclusions by relying on test to analyze the resulting torque at different driving situations.

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Thomas Desbarats

Energy Management and Thermal Applications

Thomas is the thermal applications business developer based in France. He became the manager of the 1D application engineers team in France for over five years with successive specific focus on territory, train and automotive market.

Magna Powertrain

Wolfgang Schweiger

Lead System Architect Innovation

Wolfgang joined MAGNA in 2005 and has been working in various engineering positions responsible for design, simulation and calculation of drivetrain systems. He is currently working for Magna Powertrain as Lead System Architect Innovation on the development of new eDriveline systems with main focus on transmission layout and on actuation systems for electric drive units.

Magna Powertrain

Christoph Gsenger

Lead System Architect Innovation

Automotive engineer, currently working on new electrified drive units. Christoph joined Magna Powertrain as System Architect in 2017, his main competence is analyzing different driving situations with Simcenter Amesim to dimension the gearbox components and developing the gear box cooling & lubrication system.