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Electric drive systems engineering - From component design to vehicle integration

Seamless connectivity from component level to system integration

Estimated Watching Time: 39 minutes


Image showing power electronics engineering, electric motor and transmission engineering, e-drive integration, and controls

Matching power needs to different vehicle sizes is a top priority when developing innovative electrified powertrains for the mass market. Automakers must optimize weight to balance optimal efficiency, lifespan, noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) while addressing operational and branding requirements. Because of this, OEMs and automotive suppliers are pioneering propulsion system solutions design.

In this on-demand webinar, discover how Siemens Simcenter solutions support the overall design of new electric drivetrain components to vehicle integration using simulation.

Manage the challenges of electric drive systems engineering

The main challenges of electric drive systems engineering are operational excellence, cost reduction, and speed-to-market. Electric drive systems must be robust and reliable for different operating conditions and meet high efficiency across a wide speed range while having low noise and vibration to meet operational excellence. Engineers can reduce costs by minimizing materials, integrating systems, and utilizing higher power density and weight reduction. And to have a faster go-to-market, enabling seamless collaboration is a must. Simcenter solutions address these challenges and support engineers in all phases of the development.

Use electric drive engineering to enable seamless collaboration across systems

Automotive suppliers face numerous engineering challenges to offer OEMs power density, compact dimensions, and low weight electric drives: predicting and optimizing thermal, vibroacoustic, electromagnetics, structural performances, and much more. Using a flexible, open, and scalable simulation and testing portfolio is critical for those who want to predict the performance of systems and system of systems on a short and affordable development cycle. Simcenter solutions enable seamless connectivities among detailed component-level design and system simulation tools to evaluate trade-offs and validate designs.

Cross-domain engineering and optimal vehicle integration of electric drivetrain components

Electric drive makers must bring together three systems: the electric motor, the transmission, and the power electronics—and all three systems call for various physics phenomena and performance to predict. Using multi-physics simulations performed on the same model, engineers can evaluate cross-discipline performance and possibly make final design adjustments. This, combined with Simcenter multi-domain simulation solutions, can accelerate electric drive development from component design, packaging, cooling, NVH, and integration.

Discover solutions to effectively manage electric drive systems engineering challenges by providing a collaborative and flexible ecosystem for systems, electromagnetic, thermal, mechanical, and acoustics engineers — Register to watch the on-demand webinar now.