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How quotation costing helps in negotiations with you customers


How quotation costing helps in negotiations with you customers

The global automotive industry is challenged by increasing complexity, shorter life cycles and new technologies resulting into increased quality concerns, reduced development time and – last but not least – aggressive downward price pressure. Year over year, automakers (OEMs) strive to reduce spending on purchased parts by 4-6%. This places enormous pressure on suppliers to increase cost transparency in defense of rational pricing. Implementation of a robust product cost management program is essential for suppliers to maintain profit margins. In this presentation, we share with you live system examples on the development and use of cost estimates for quotation costing that helps you in negotiations with your customers.

Participants will learn how Teamcenter product cost management:

  • is used to defend all costs associated with the supply of parts to customers
  • is a flexible, centralized cost estimation solution
  • provides parts suppliers with the opportunity to capture all applicable cost drivers
  • reports cost drivers in a flexible, customer specific format
  • enhances customer supplier communication
  • allows negotiations to focus on cost and not just price and profit

Presented by:

  • John Monica, Internal Business Consultant, Siemens PLM Software
  • Adam Hornbuckle, Solutions Architect, Siemens PLM Software