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Implement E/E systems development to tackle the complexity in autonomous vehicles


Implement E/E systems development to tackle the complexity in autonomous vehicles

Complex electrical and electronic (E/E) systems are becoming increasingly essential and replacing mechanical approaches to delivering new vehicle features. Especially autonomous vehicle (AV) development will require powerful integrated E/E system development tools to tackle the increased complexity and remain competitive. In this webinar, learn how to turn complexity into a competitive advantage with Siemens E/E Systems Development for Autonomous Vehicles — Watch now!

Develop the future mobility experience with autonomous vehicles

The race for autonomous driving innovation has begun. To stay ahead of the competition, companies must become fast and flexible using a holistic model-based approach that integrates every aspect of autonomous vehicle development and its sophisticated E/E systems. From architectural definition, electrical systems design, hardware integration, and software engineering, Siemens offers a complete set of autonomous vehicle solutions for all critical technical disciplines to help automakers overcome the challenges of this complex technology.

Integrate E/E systems development to become faster and more flexible

Traditional siloed approaches will be insufficient when developing highly sophisticated and cross-domain autonomous vehicles. From the conceptual design phase throughout development and later lifecycle phases, individual systems must be integrated within a comprehensive digital solution to ensure powerful design automation, cross-domain integrations, and complete data coherency. Adapting to this enormous transformation that places E/E architecture at the heart of automotive innovation demands higher automation, collaboration, and integration which a robust digital thread can only provide.

Reduce quality issues and development costs with E/E systems development

In this webinar, discover Siemens holistic solutions for E/E System Development and how it provides manufacturers with multi-domain systems modeling connected through a digital thread to help them tie all complex processes together and deliver the future cars faster in a marketable way, as well as:

  • Improve collaboration between engineering domains
  • Accelerate development cycles
  • Optimize testing and validation
  • Reduce quality issues and development costs

Rethink your traditional product development processes and virtually verify and validate embedded software, vehicle networks, and electrical systems in an integrated, collaborative engineering environment — Watch the on-demand to learn more!

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Hans-Juergen Mantsch

Director MBSE

Hans-Juergen is a Product Management Director for the E/E Systems and Systems Engineering solutions within the Integrated Electrical Systems product Segment of Siemens DI Software. He joined Mentor, subsequently Siemens DI SW, in 2009 in the Automotive Networking Division as Product Manager for AUTOSAR Software & Network design tools as well as the Embedded Software portfolio. Hans-Juergen has an automotive domain background of 20+ years including various positions in Siemens Automotive, S-Y Systems Technologies, Siemens VDO and Continental Automotive. He has been deeply exposed to software & tool development as well as systems engineering processes including electrical architecture, network design, embedded software and harness design. Hans-Juergen holds a Diploma degree in Theoretical Physics and Biophysics from the University of Munich and Regensburg.

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