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E/E architecture in the MBSE digital thread


E/E architecture in the MBSE digital thread

Increasing levels of autonomy and electrification drive today's automotive and avionics industries. The technical implementation of these new features is known to result in a vast increase in complexity and hardware, software, interconnect, and data rates. Together with the need to provide the documentation and evidence for homologation and certification, this requires new streamlined methods that adopt Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) principles to address these challenges. Consolidating advanced multi-domain system models from Teamcenter System Modelling Workbench, Capital Systems, as part of Siemens' solution offering, allows the optimization of multiple different domains in one streamlined approach. This presentation demonstrates a proven, holistic E/E design flow that addresses exploration, design, verification, validation, and certification of complex vehicles functions across all involved development domains.

What you will learn:

  • How a proven E/E design flow can help you address the exploration, design, verification, validation and certification of complex vehicles functions
  • How to optimize multiple different E/E domains in one streamlined approach
  • How to consolidate advanced multi-domain system models into Capital Systems

Who should attend:

  • E/E system architects
  • E/E department managers
  • E/E engineering directors