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E-machine cooling designs: Work seamlessly across simulation domains

Easily cope with complexity of e-machine cooling simulation

Estimated Watching Time: 43 minutes


An engineer looks at the cooling simulation of an e-machine on a computer with Simcenter software.

Modeling the complexity of electric motor cooling from electromagnetics to conjugate heat transfer is a significant engineering challenge.

Advanced simulation software provides a streamlined workflow capable of working across engineering domains.

This allows engineers to move faster and focus on what matters – exploring new engineering possibilities.

Watch this webinar and discover new features for e-machine cooling simulation that make it easier for electrical and thermal CFD engineers to work together.

Simulation of industrial components cooling fosters faster innovation

Designing and building innovative e-machines includes the collective work of multiple engineering disciplines, so as a result, thermal CFD engineers sometimes struggle to get a clean CAD of the whole e-machine.

A disconnected or incomplete view of the e-machine forces simulation experts to make generalizations or assumptions about the project.

Simulation solutions like Simcenter use specific import workflows to ensure thermal CFD engineers receive complete and accurate details of the e-machine, including dimensions, materials, machine conditions, and more.

This webinar highlights how Simcenter software handles multiphysics simulation and accurately models the many disciplines involved in an electric motor to predict its performance.

E-machine simulation produces product improvements

This webinar focuses on e-machine simulation and improving the processes surrounding it.

Designers and engineers who attend will:

  • Find out how to create more realistic cooling jacket geometries
  • Discover newly optimized e-machine performance workflows
  • Learn a new process to connect electrical and thermal CFD engineers

Simulation accelerates the design process, and leads to better e-machines and more satisfied customers.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Xavier Conqui IM

Business Development Manager

Xavier Conqui has spent over two decades helping customers find the right engineering solutions to meet their needs. Most of that time has been spent on virtual reality and CFD simulation software. During his time at Siemens Digital Industries Software, Xavier has been focused on electrification, working with software product management teams and global sales teams to meet customers' requirements.

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