On-Demand Webinar

Drive service lifecycle profitability with technical publications


Drive service lifecycle profitability with technical publications

Learn how Rapid Author can reduce the cost and time of authoring technical documentation, enabling you to produce rich and interactive 3D publications that help drive service lifecycle profitability.

After-sales services have become a lucrative and perpetual income for many equipment manufacturers, sometimes making up as much as 50% of a company’s annual revenue. OEMs require high-quality technical documentation such as Spare Parts Catalogues, Product & Service Manuals and Assembly Work Instructions. But, in a highly competitive marketplace, with ever shortening development cycles, increased product variants, and frequent design changes, keeping technical documents in-sync with your product design has become an increasingly complex process.

Watch this webinar and find out how you can navigate this complexity

Watch this on-demand webinar and discover how integrating your technical document authoring processes in Teamcenter, enables you to drive service lifecycle profitability and improve customer satisfaction.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How you can re-use source engineering data in Teamcenter to keep technical documentation in-sync with your product design, as it evolves and is iterated.
  • Opportunities to produce rich and interactive 3D technical publications and take advantage of augmented reality.
  • A variety of customer successes.


  • Reduce the cost and time spent authoring and updating technical publications.
  • Speed time-to-market by authoring technical documentation concurrently.
  • Reduce services cost, equipment downtime and time spent on maintenance.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and service lifecycle profitability.