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What are the biggest challenges in scaling novel food into commercially viable products?


What are the biggest challenges in scaling novel food into commercially viable products?

Around the world, businesses have been struck with uncertainty and this is especially true for the Food and Beverage industry. Many companies are faced with the urgent need to streamline their product innovation cycles, optimize costs and deal more efficiently with the validation of changes in regulations and quality controls. A new landscape brings big challenges to the product innovation cycles of the Food and beverage companies but also new opportunities to advance into your digitalization path through a smart formulation product and process design.

Join this on-demand webinar to hear from experts on how to Launch increasingly complex innovative portfolios three times faster by:

  • Driving product innovation with smart product design
  • Collaborate digitally on product formulation and lifecycle management
  • Enhance traceability throughout product development lifecycle
  • Use physics-based simulation to scale-up new processes


Meet the speakers

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Ravi Aglave

Director, Energy & Process for Simulation

Dr. Ravindra Aglave has over 20 years of research and engineering experience in academia and industry in the area of reactor design, scale-up and troubleshooting. His expertise includes solving engineering problems using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), mixing & reaction engineering, combustion and reaction kinetics. He leads the energy and process industry sector in the Simulation & Test Solutions business unit at Siemens. He is responsible for bringing new modeling and physics knowledge in to CFD simulation code that can be deployed in the industry.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Tyler Newcombe

Solution Consultant for Consumer Products & Retail

Tyler Newcombe has 10 years of experience in the food and beverage industry working with product development, manufacturing, process engineering, specification management, value engineering and supply chain. Currently, Tyler is helping customers understand the power of the Digital Enterprise and how it can be deployed to transform an organization. He has a focus on specification management, formula development, R&D data management and laboratory information management as they connect and contextual the work completed by R&D.

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Milos Szkoda