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Digitalization of Machine Building


Digitalization of Machine Building

Reduce engineering time and manage product development challenges by applying Digital Twin concepts Digitalization creates connectivity between humans, devices, and systems along the entire value chain, resulting in real-time data availability and constant optimization.Learn how digitalization and the creation of a Digital Twin can change the way you engineer. Learn how digital tools, including hardware and software applications, can transform your approach and improve your efficiency when designing and developing a production line or machine.

Embrace a digitalization-driven approach

Machine building is a complex and time-consuming process, which requires involvement from multiple departments. To meet customer requirements, costs and needed resources must be estimated up front, when time is limited, and the task is more challenging.Move from disconnected teams working in silos—mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, commissioning engineers and others—to a connected approach. Using the right tools, such as SIMIT, Solid Edge, and the TIA Portal can optimize your work, and save you time and money.Learn how a digitalization-driven approach from hardware to software can make your work easier, help you meet deadlines and be more effective with your development.

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in product development, process and automation should attend this webinar.


  • Why a Digital Twin of product is important - 30 min
  • How you can change your practices for programming, testing and commissioning - 30 min
  • The benefits of applying these techniques - 10 min
  • Q&A session – 10 min