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How digitalization is helping the off-highway equipment industry


How digitalization is helping the off-highway industry create and test ground-breaking vehicle designs

New technologies are popping up in the heavy equipment industry to match new regulations. Exploring all design possibilities and defining innovative development methodologies to offer the market the most suitable and reliable machine is a major challenge.

During this roundtable discussion, panelists from a variety of areas within the off-highway equipment industry will consider how digitalization supports the engineering process and accelerates the development of reliable and high-functioning machines. In fact, orchestrating a new heavy equipment technical program using a smart combination of simulation and testing over the V-cycle enables you to:

  • Save time and development costs before prototyping
  • Accelerate innovation to increase market share
  • Achieve greater productivity at every organizational level

Heavy equipment engineering digitalization

Watch this panel discussion with leading industry experts to learn more about:

  • How to perform early verification of products to fulfill requirements
  • How to virtually explore the design space in a safe environment
  • How to make engineering decisions with confidence
  • How to speed up the engineering process using workflow automation

About the panelists

Tom Stone
Editor - Industrial Vehicle Technology Magazine

Gennaro Monacelli
Head of Design Analysis and Simulation - CNH Industrial
Currently, Gennaro covers the role of global head of Design analysis and simulation at CNH Industrial. He joined FCA-Elasis in 1990 and covered increasing responsibilities in the R&D area of Product Development. In 2009 he joined CNH Industrial with the role of Responsible of virtual simulations for Agricultural and Construction. In 2013 he covered the role of head of Innovation, Design Analysis and Validation Methods for all the CNHi segments.

Yohann Brunel
Upstream Transmission Manager, Research & Technology department - Poclain Hydraulics
Yohann is the manager of a multidisciplinary team dealing with the development of new transmission solutions. Since 2010 he has been fully engaged in deploying system simulation within Poclain Hydraulics, initially in a central CAE support team, then integrating system design teams. Tools are now used by designers in their daily job and spread in all product design offices.

Alastair Hayfield
Co-founder & Senior Research Director - Interact Analysis
Alastair focuses on commercial vehicles, in particular advanced technologies and new powertrain solutions.

Gaétan Bouzard
Heavy Equipment Industry Lead – Simcenter Portfolio - Siemens Digital Industries Software
Gaétan is responsible for capturing Siemens customers’ needs to feed solution portfolio strategy and drive selected integrated solution prototyping as well as innovation initiatives, to make sure Siemens Simulation & Test solutions answer today the engineering challenges of tomorrow.

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