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Enabling fast, effective thermal soak simulation


Enabling fast, effective thermal soak simulation

Current and future environmental regulations not only encourage automotive manufacturers to produce cleaner and safer vehicles, but they also accelerate competition. Combining these challenges with market demands looking to more customer-centric options becomes a challenge to make sure still produce a robust vehicle. OEMs are looking to the digital design process to address an increased number of variants while making sure all design requirements are achieved.

In this webinar, we hear from ex-Thermal Manager from Daimler, and how Daimler set up a digital prototype process to address all design needs. The first physical prototype built then focus on verification and validation of the design, saving both time and money on the development.

This provides examples for aerodynamics and thermal management workflow, and how process automation enabled predictive heat protection for severe drive conditions, from idle/soak simulation, to longer more complex drive cycles.

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