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The Business Owner’s Brief on Accelerated Engineering and Digital Transformation

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A digital transformation for small and medium enterprises holds the possibility for significant growth and improvements across an organization.

The right solutions and tools, however, are often cost-prohibitive and out of reach.

Small and mid-sized manufacturers need access to proven technology capable of turning their challenges into opportunities.

Watch this on-demand webinar and discover affordable solutions that are also flexible, scalable, and affordable.

Engineering in Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) Survey by Lifecycle Insights

Lifecycle Insights recently surveyed small and mid-sized manufacturers to learn more about the challenges they face.

The survey reached more than 500 key decision-makers from around the world in a variety of industries.

This webinar explores the survey results with insights from three speakers discussing how SMB manufacturers are addressing these unique challenges.

Watch the webinar to learn about the strategies and initiatives manufacturers are using to succeed and grow their businesses.

Challenges Faced by Small and Medium Businesses

Companies large and small face different challenges, but SMB manufacturers in particular regularly need to do more with less.

The challenges most likely to impact a company’s outlook on improving mechanical design include:

  • Maintaining development schedules and deadlines
  • Satisfying target requirements
  • Differentiation from competitive offerings
  • Coordination with OEMs, suppliers, and partners
  • Complying with regulatory requirements and standards
  • Shrinking development budgets
  • Setting and hitting cost targets
  • Hiring, developing, and retaining quality talent

The right software tools can initiate a digital transformation for small and medium enterprises, leading to success and growth in the long term.

Mechanical Design Problems for SMB Manufacturers and Solutions with Accelerated Engineering

According to the survey discussed in this webinar, the majority of companies are making efforts to improve the mechanical design process.

Those improvements come in many forms:

  • Changes to processes, tasks, and activities
  • Different roles, responsibilities, skills, and training
  • A new way to look at metrics, measurements, and KPIs
  • Switching to new software solutions or computer hardware

After implementing any number of these improvements, many SMB manufacturers expect to see improved profit margins, increased productivity, shorter lead times, and better talent retention.

Meet the speakers

Lifecycle Insights

Chad Jackson

Chief Analyst and CEO

As Chief Analyst, Chad Jackson leads Lifecycle Insights’ research and thought leadership programs, attends and speaks at industry events, and reviews emerging technology solutions. As CEO, Chad defines Lifecycle Insights’ vision and change initiatives.
Chad’s twenty-five-year career has focused on improving executives’ ability to reap value from technology-led initiatives. He has surveyed thousands of manufacturers, produced hundreds of research and thought leadership publications, and presented dozens of times domestically and internationally. He imparts an influential, independent, and insightful voice on the industry’s transition to smart, connected products.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Rahul Garg

Vice President of Industrial Machinery

Rahul Garg joined Siemens more than two decades ago. In that time, he’s held multiple positions, but his primary objective has always been the same – help his customers succeed by delivering powerful, effective solutions that support their business goals. As Vice President of Industrial Machinery, Rahul delivers Siemens Industrial Machinery software solutions to help manufacturers develop competitive products, fill portfolio gaps, and create effective go-to-market strategies and business practices.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

David Chadwick

Business Development Manager

Dave is focused on industry solutions from the Solid Edge portfolio. David has 30 years of application engineering, project management and marketing experience and has been involved in many successful PLM implementations in small and medium sized manufacturing organizations globally.

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