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Digital ship design for a more sustainable future

Learn how digitalization enables ship designers to meet sustainability targets


Digital ship design for a more sustainable future

Faced with increasingly stringent environmental regulations and societal expectations, the marine industry—from designers to shipyards and ship owners—needs to find new ways to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Green ship technology

By moving away from traditional design tools and adopting state-of-the art digital methods, such as generative design, intelligent design exploration and optimization, naval architects can be freed of traditional design constraints to engineer innovation and maximize performance with green ship technology.

Development of future vessels

A case study is presented to illustrate how modern process automation, simulation and design space exploration can enable the rapid optimization of the hull design of an offshore supply vessel. Register for this on-demand webinar to learn how future vessels are under development, today!

Sustainable ship design software

In a highly competitive market, adoption of innovative technology and processes makes the difference between those that succeed and those that are stagnant. Digital twin technology in the marine industry provides cutting edge innovation that is crucial for naval architects to optimize sustainable ship design. Hear from industry experts on why Siemens Software can help you reach sustainability targets with confidence.

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