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CPG industry manufacturing in the digital age


CPG industry manufacturing in the digital age

Today, consumers are more health and environmentally conscious, resulting in an increased expectation of expanded product choices, premium quality, and lower prices. To maintain customer loyalty, CPG manufacturers continuously need to focus on adapting and prioritizing innovation.

This on-demand webinar presents the benefits of digitalizing manufacturing operations in the CPG industry. Learn how your company can deliver more efficient manufacturing, resulting in lower costs and more flexible operations while supporting all product and customer quality requirements.

Features of this on-demand webinar include:

  • Trends and challenges in CPG industry
  • Industry requirements
  • Business benefits

Watch to discover the benefits of a wall-to-wall manufacturing operations management solution.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Frederik Verwimp

Global Industry Manager CPG

Frederik Verwimp is the global Industry Manager CPG in Siemens Digital Industry Software. Having worked in the CPG industry for over 10 years, he has an excellent understanding of the challenges that the industry is facing, and which solutions are necessary to overcome these challenges.