On-Demand Webinar

Develop smart machines with faster production rates & greater repeatability


Digitalization has helped evolve manufacturing from mass production, high inventory, and highly standardized products to a highly customized lot-size of 1, without sacrificing quality and still improving costs over traditional methods. To satisfy this growing need for machine customization resulting from increased customer needs and requirements, machines need to get smarter and have increased integration between electronics and machine-controlled technology. This can all be achieved by leveraging Next Generation Design.

Create smart machines with faster production rates and greater repeatability

To get the answer to these questions and learn more about how to achieve faster production rates for your machines please join us for our webinar focusing on Next Generation Design. This webinar will help you understand how to manage complexity with the help of Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration, Machine Simulation, and Managed Environments to give your machines digitalization productivity bonuses including:

  • Increased sales conversion
  • Lower warrantee costs
  • Reduced shop floor commissioning time
  • Improved manufacturing efficiency
  • Lowered parts costs
  • Improved service revenue

Optimize machine design and machine development with the right tools

Join us on this important Webinar on Demand where you will find out more about:

  • Next generation machine design and development and how it can help you optimize your machine design and development process
  • How to manage complexity with the help of Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration, Machine Simulation and Managed Environments, and Virtual Commissioning
  • You will also learn how our customers were able to improve key technical performance indicators with the help of Next Generation Design – and how you can quickly join them