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Design Validation


Design Validation

Getting started with Design Validation

What you'll learn

In this 20-minute webinar, we'll show you how to stop over-designing and start designing efficiently by:
  • Digitally validating your designs
  • Simplifying part geometry in Solid Edge prior to running through simulation process
  • Relying on design validation to do the work upfront

Next-generation simulation with Solid Edge

Solid Edge Simulation enables engineers to ensure that designs are appropriate for their purpose: strong enough to do the job, but not overbuilt. Solid Edge Simulation offers several different types of simulation analyses, including linear static, thermal, vibration (or modal) and buckling, as well as combinations of multiple study types.With Solid Edge design validation capabilities, designers and engineers can quickly conduct a finite element analysis (FEA) study to evaluate structures against load criteria, in order to meet strength requirements whilst minimizing material usage. This leads to a design which is structurally sound and cost-effective.

Embedded simulation functionality

Solid Edge Simulation reduces the need for physical prototypes, lowering your material and testing costs, and also saving valuable design time in the process.
  • Automatically create finite element models
  • Analyze models in realistic virtual environments
  • Interpret model behavior quickly with comprehensive graphical post-processing tools
  • Check for full range of motion, clearance and collisions automatically
  • Verify if assemblies are over-built, based on stress and manufacturing resources
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