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Advanced design simulation and analysis of electrical and wire harness designs


Advanced design simulation and analysis of electrical and wire harness designs

The growing size and complexity of electrical systems are driving up development costs and the likelihood of errors, potentially leading to even more cost or damaged brand reputation. The key to addressing this challenge is utilizing advanced analysis and simulation to catch errors early in the initial wiring design before they are propagated to the manufactured system. VeSys provides design and analysis functionality that helps engineers achieve this and deliver rapid, ‘right-first-time’ error-free electrical and harness designs.

Benefits of design analysis and simulation with VeSys

  • How to use interactive analysis
  • How to use automated functional analysis
  • How to use stress-based analysis
  • How to use failure based analysis

Who would benefit from this webinar on design and analysis

  • Electrical systems and harness designers looking to upgrade from their current toolset
  • Engineers responsible for design verification
  • Managers looking to improve the overall design quality of their team

Advanced electrical analysis and simulation

VeSys Design software provides a graphical environment for creating wiring diagrams. Full electrical design authoring is made easy via an intuitive user interface and electrically intelligent symbols. Built-in electrical intelligence automates many design tasks.

Simulation helps designers check and validate their designs as they are created. This eliminates errors faster and earlier in the design process. It also shows voltages and currents, highlighting problem areas such as short circuits and validating wire and fuse sizing.