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Digital lifecycle excellence: Accelerated by low-code application development and cloud-based integration


Digital lifecycle excellence: Accelerated by low-code application development and cloud-based integration

This live webinar is the third in a series from Siemens Digital Industries Software using a digital lifecycle excellence approach to accelerate innovation at your energy & utility (E&U) business. There has never been a period when the ability to innovate and evolve has been more critical. In this session, we'll review how the Siemens Xcelerator platform supports this, with a focus on the use of low-code application development and cloud-based integration. These unique enablers will make your enterprise digital twin more comprehensive, flexible and adaptable. Whatever issues and opportunities your organization will face in the years to come, the core concepts discussed in this webinar will help you get there faster.

Boldly extend your digital enterprise where none have gone before with low-code development

Energy & utilities businesses have been investing in off-the-shelf software tools for decades that did most of what they needed to do. In addition to creating many silos of information, given that many of those tools didn’t exchange information well, they often didn’t fully align to each business’s unique internal processes. In the quest to achieve digital lifecycle excellence, today’s E&U leaders are working to improve their awareness of what’s happening across the complete lifecycle of their assets, projects, and operations to continuously improve. With low-code application development puts the power of professional developers in the hands of non-IT knowledge workers and allows them to build apps that get them the answers they need sooner.

Connect your digital enterprise faster with a low-code integration platform

Many of those off-the-shelf software tools discussed above that E&U businesses have acquired over the years are still in use and walking away from them is often not an attractive option. While low-code development can help you derive new insights that weren't available before, a digital lifecycle excellence approach also needs to connect all existing data sources so that E&U staff have every advantage on their side. Combining the best of both worlds allows businesses to work in a connected ecosystem that unlocks the value contained within established silos of data, securely and instantly connecting them to the rest of the enterprise.

This webinar will introduce both low-code development and cloud-based integration in plain business language so that you can understand these critical capabilities as accelerators in achieving digital lifecycle excellence, and out-maneuvering your industry competition.