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Leverage testing performance using a compact test data acquisition system, Simcenter SCADAS XS


Leverage testing performance using a compact test data acquisition system, Simcenter SCADAS XS

The need to perform sound and vibration and NVH testing can occur anywhere in the product development process. You need a system that is small, powerful and that can quickly be set up to get your measurements going.

The Simcenter SCADAS XS is a compact 12 channel data acquisition system with additional inputs such as GPS, CAN or CAN-FD, analog tachometer and a binaural headset. Simcenter SCADAS XS helps you perform fast and reliable sound and vibration, NVH testing measurements and comes with a tablet for instant, in-the-field troubleshooting. It features reliable onboard data storage and a full working day of battery autonomy, offering the flexibility you need to improve testing efficiency. Learn all about it in this on-demand webinar packed with facts, examples and customer references.

Test from simple configurations to high-channel density measurements

This powerful device weighs only 500 g (or 1 pound), small enough to fit in your pocket, and offers the following channels:

  • 12 analog ICP channels with TEDS support
  • Simcenter SCADAS 3D binaural headset
  • S/PDIF digital audio input
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Digital controller area network (CAN or CAN-FD)
  • 2 analog tachometers
  • Synchronized video recording (via tablet cameras)

In this webinar we will discuss different use-cases and setups possible with the Simcenter SCADAS XS.

A compact device that meets your testing needs for flexible test data acquisition

One of the biggest advantages of working with Simcenter SCADAS XS is that you have the flexibility to choose how you are going to work with it.

The system can operate in 3 different modes. In the standalone mode, you can pre-configure your measurement and ship the system anywhere in the world. Operate it with 3 simple buttons to start, stop or replay a measurement. In the front-end mode, you will benefit from the broad multi-physics processing portfolio of Simcenter Testlab and Testxpress. From operational NVH testing to modal analysis, Simcenter SCADAS XS handles it all. Finally, you can validate your measurements in real-time with a selection of processing functions, channel statuses and equalized audio replay with filtering, wherever you are, by using our companion apps, Simcenter Testlab Scope and Simcenter Testlab Run Comparison.

Discover the variety of use cases directly from our customers

Throughout the webinar, a number of customer cases from a variety of industries will be presented. Operational Modal Analysis on snowboards, sound and vibration comfort level monitoring during flight, acceleration tests on MotoGP tracks and finally the sound and vibration testing of an espresso machine are only a few examples of what Simcenter SCADAS XS can really achieve.