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On-Demand Session 3: Correlating and optimizing your model

Estimated Watching Time: 87 minutes


On-Demand Session 3: Correlating and optimizing your model

Learn how to efficiently correlate your model by leveraging simulation and test. Get further insights into the behaviour of your model accounting for unknowns. Discover how to efficiently run a multiple-parameter optimization. Model correlation and updating is an essential step in the digital twin process. It is a verification of the fidelity of the virtual models upon which further optimization may be performed. In this workshop, we will show the pre-test and correlation steps discussing common sources of error and the different ways to improve the accuracy of your model. A correlated model is the base for further analysis and design exploration. In the second part of this workshop, we will demonstrate how to run a multi-parameter optimization in an efficient way.

Watch the session to get insights on how to:

  • Define sensor location and optimum excitations points
  • Perform modal and FRF correlation
  • Understand the limits of modal updating
  • Perform an optimization with 10’s of parameters with often conflicting targets


  • Why is correlation a critical step in the digital twin process. What are the limitations
  • Material parameters. Modal and forced scenarios
  • Supporting the measurement setup with pretest
  • MAC and FRAC correlation
  • Modal updating
  • Setting up and running a multiple parametric optimization

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