on-demand webinar

Converging high performance designs with ease using Aprisa


Aprisa P&R

This webinar presents details of a case study for an HPC implemented with the Aprisa digital implementation tool at an advanced process node, and how the above technologies help achieve desired frequency target.

Meet the speaker

Siemens EDA

Harit NLN

Director - Application Engineering

Harit is Director of Applications Engineering at Siemens EDA, responsible for customer success at cutting edge technologies using state of the art PD solutions offered by SEDA. Prior to Siemens, he was Director of Physical Design and Power signoff at Invecas Technologies where he led multiple projects to tape-out at various tech nodes. He has 22 years of physical design experience supporting various EDA tools for numerous semiconductor companies. Harit’s area of expertise includes Physical Design and Signoff. Harit holds B. Tech in Electronics and Communication and he has done multiple roles in CAD, Design and EDA in the past.

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