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Virtual Verification and Validation

Accelerating product development by getting it right the first time

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Accelerate vehicle development with continuous virtual verification and validation
Accelerate vehicle development with continuous virtual verification and validation

Modern electric and traditional vehicle demands are forcing automotive manufacturers to accelerate their development processes. Automotive manufacturers must streamline their development processes to improve vehicles' performance and reduce development times.

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Break down barriers between engineering disciplines and support system integration

Traditionally, different engineering disciplines come together at specific milestones during vehicle development. However, working in isolation like this leads to significant redesigns and delays— something that automotive manufacturers could absorb by producing only one or two new models per year. This is too inefficient to meet the growing demands for next-generation vehicles. With comprehensive digital twins, design teams can avoid major redesigns by collaborating earlier and more regularly throughout a project, saving time and money.

Make faster decisions while reducing physical prototypes in vehicle development

Building more physical prototypes would add costs and inefficiencies to a project. With accurate simulations, teams can easily share as they focus on their areas of responsibility. By producing a comprehensive digital twin, engineers can understand precisely how their components will perform when integrated with others. And through continuous verification and validation processes, they can ensure that even the first prototype works as planned.

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Greg Roth

Director of Automotive and Transportation Solutions

Greg Roth is the Director of Automotive and Transportation Solutions in the Industries Group at Siemens Digital Industries Software.
Previously, Mr. Roth held positions at Ford Motor Company, Eaton Corporation, and Amcor Packaging. More recently, he was Chief Engineer for the CAE and NVH departments at ZF-TRW Automotive North America Braking Systems in Livonia, Michigan.

In his current role, he champions CAD, CAE & PLM technologies and processes for companies at a global enterprise-level achieving substantial reductions in product development costs and time while improving overall quality.
Mr. Roth holds an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, an M.S. in Electronics and Computer Controls Engineering from Wayne State University, and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Steven Dom

Director Automotive Industry Solutions

Steven Dom has been with Siemens Industry Software (and former LMS International) for over 20 years, working various areas of engineering, engineering management, product management, and sales. He is currently Director Automotive Industry Solutions, responsible for developing Siemens Industry Software business in the automotive industry focusing on:

International customer relationship management at managerial and executive level

  • Development of strategic road map across software, hardware, and service divisions
  • Customer technology and business process consultancy
  • Focusing on Hybrid and Electric Vehicle development
  • Advisory role for NVH, Acoustics, and Energy Efficiency

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