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Continuous learning for Siemens software


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As your Siemens software continues to evolve and enhance with new features and functions, you will want to stay up to speed with the latest changes to ensure you are using the software correctly. At Siemens, we not only provide the initial training, but we provide continuous learning to reinforce and expand your skills and provide certifications to acknowledge your proficiency. During this webinar you will learn:

  • The importance of continuous learning
  • The importance of being certified in software
  • Our available learning solutions to address continuous learning and certifications

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industry Software

Ashley Hodge

Services Director – Siemens Xcelerator Academy

Ashley Hodge is Xcelerator Academy’s Service Director within Siemens Digital Industries Software. Based in North Carolina, United States, Ashley focuses on engaging and exciting Siemens’ customers on software training through a seamless end-to-end experience. Ashley holds an Ed. D. in Education and Instructional Technology.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Alexis Giron

Learning Services Consultant

Alexis Giron is Xcelerator Academy’s Learning Service Consultant within Siemens Digital Industries Software. Based in Virginia, United States, Alexis focuses on educating Siemens’ software customers on the importance of user adoption and helping customers explore their learning journeys. Alexis holds bachelor’s degrees from Peace College.

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