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Develop a stable problem-solving process to face new automotive industry challenges

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A quality engineer is working on Continuous Quality Improvement and analyzing a quality issue to discover its root cause.

The shift towards electrification in the automotive industry highlights the crucial importance of continuous improvement. Companies must develop stable problem-solving processes to effectively address the challenges associated with producing new electric vehicles and meeting stringent environmental regulations.

Implementing continuous improvement methodologies enables streamlining of operations, optimizing efficiency, and enhancing product quality. Embracing this approach fosters innovation, facilitates collaboration among teams, and paves the way for cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

React faster with systematic approach to problem-solving

No matter how robust your planning phase and how hard you try to evaluate all possible failures, problems and defects will occur. When an unexpected issue arises and can impact on your product quality, how do you approach this situation?

Quality team needs to react immediately to discover root cause and implement all corrective and preventive actions to solve the problem and avoid a possible reoccurrence. Reacting fast is important, but only if we deeply analyze root causes and implement measures to correct those can we expect to solve the problem and avoid reoccurrence – and even improve the quality of the product itself.

Managing defects centrally from the design phase through use of the product in the field

A comprehensive Smart Manufacturing approach mitigates risks with a closed-loop approach that integrates product design, manufacturing design, quality and the supply chain to safeguard compliance and product integrity. Siemens’ Smart Manufacturing portfolio includes quality management solutions that enable OEMs and suppliers to break down barriers and adjust processes based on lessons learned.

Design, manufacturing, and quality teams can share the same views about the needed information to continuously improve product and process quality. With continuous improvement and seamless change management, issues are resolved faster, and costs are reduced.

When both OEMs and suppliers implement comprehensive and digital quality management solutions, they exceed the quality targets throughout production, and satisfy customers with reliable and high-quality products.

Continuous improvement is essential for automotive companies

A continuous improvement approach is essential for automotive companies to remain competitive, sustainable, and adaptable in the ever-evolving landscape of electrified vehicles. Join our webinar and discover how your design, manufacturing and quality management teams can share the same views of the information they need to continuously improve quality.

We will explore:

  • Steps and tools to investigate defects or non-conformances by using consistent processes by integrating quality issues, problem-solving, and changing process flow
  • How to streamline supplier quality collaboration in case the supplier has been recognized as responsible for the issue
  • How to properly manage audits and assessments as additional tools to monitor and safeguard the status of each core business process

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Pascal Schmitt

Business Development Consultant for Automotive OEM

Pascal has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a master’s degree in Technical Management and hold an MBA degree in Production Management. He worked for different line builder and engineering service provider as Sales Manager for 10 Years.
Before starting to work for Siemens, he worked as CAD and PLM Sales Manager for Mid Market Costumers for the Siemens channel partner ISAP AG. He is currently covering the role of Business Development Consultant for Automotive OEM at the Siemens Digital Industries Software, with the focus on MOM topics.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Julio Anariba

Presales Solutions Consultant for Quality

Julio is a Quality Presales Solutions Consultant for the Automotive Industry at Siemens Digital Industries Software, focusing on our Quality Management System. Before joining Siemens, he held different positions as a Service Engineer for the Chemical and Machine Building Industries.
Julio holds a master’s degree in Automation from the Cologne University of Applied Sciences.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Valentina Lupo

Solution Domain Expert for Quality

Valentina is a Quality Solution Domain Expert for Digital Manufacturing at the Siemens Digital Industries Software. She started her journey in Siemens four years ago as Industry manager for Discrete Manufacturing in Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM). Before joining Siemens, she held different positions in Quality Management and R&D in Italy and Poland, for domestic appliances companies. She also covered a Project Management position in Automotive Tier-supplier company. Valentina holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Polytechnic of Bari.

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