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Improve operational efficiency in manufacturing


Operational Efficiency in Manufacturing

The globalization of supply chains and markets, along with the demand for higher quality, personalized products at lower costs, is leading to increased CPG standards and regulations. Additionally, companies are facing pressure to offer full traceability of their products by being more transparent about their supply chain processes in this rapidly changing world.

In this webinar roundtable brought to you by Siemens and Forrester, we will discuss how consumer products manufacturing professionals can improve operational efficiency using IoT and low-code technology. The webinar will cover various topics, including identifying bottlenecks, achieving operational resiliency, optimizing production processes, reducing waste, and increasing productivity. Attendees will learn practical strategies and techniques for streamlining their manufacturing operations and improving overall performance.

Benefits of using a low-code platform

Low-code platforms allow organizations to utilize their data more effectively by creating personalized apps that cater to the specific needs of individual users in a fast and easy manner. With the help of low code, businesses can also identify operational and business trends, and gain insights into necessary responses to industry trends that impact their business, resulting in improved operational agility and efficiency.

Explore the advantages of using low-code platforms and how they can assist in resolving complex issues in CPG manufacturing.

IoT solutions for consumer products industry

Consumer demands for transparency are pushing organizations to create healthier products with smaller impacts on the environment. From energy-efficient factories to certified-organic products, new technology is allowing CPG companies to keep up with consumer trends and their subsequent challenges.

To meet these challenges, Siemens has developed integrated software solutions that enable CPG companies to take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) and low-code application development solutions to help companies proactively address consumer trends rather than reacting to them.

Future-proof your business and learn how low-code application development and IoT solutions can help you keep up with evolving customer trends.

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