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The power of smart product generative design and simulation

Part 2 of the #ConsumerGoodsTechTalks series


Generative Engineering with Design Simulation

Quickly respond to consumer-driven demand with NX generative design process

Watch the second webinar in our smart product design series as we continue to explore the latest generative engineering technologies to leverage the digital-twin and design simulation tools. Learn more about NX CAD, Siemens customer successes, and ways to address industry trends with generative design.

Smart-product development techniques for your multi-disciplinary team

Today’s consumers are more discerning, demanding the latest innovations and more features for personalization. This is making products more complex while also requiring companies to get new designs to market more quickly with the pressure of a globalized economy. How is your software helping you address these challenges?

Siemens NX software includes capabilities that enable a multidisciplinary team approach to consumer product design that brings design, prototyping, planning, and validation into a single digital workspace.

Design for performance with generative engineering

Innovate and optimize across multiple engineering domains with generative engineering within NX. Meet consumer demand and design for performance by specifying the requirements, constraints, and context, to take advantage of AI and simulation-based methods to create next-generation designs.

Integrated Simulation and Manufacturing

NX CAD provides simulation capabilities that can be used by both CAE experts and designers. Leverage the integrated simulation and manufacturing capabilities to validate a design and performance within the design space.

Watch the webinar to learn more!

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Roth Chan

NX Marketing Manager

Roth Chan obtained his MSc in Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University and started in 2018 with Mentor Graphics as a Corporate Marketing Engineer supporting the Mechanical Analysis Division. Since then, Roth has joined the NX team in Siemens Digital Industries Software, supporting the solution for application in the Consumer Goods and Marine space. This has allowed him to continue his passion for product design, optimization, manufacturing, and sustainability.

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