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Unlock successful innovation at scale with the smart product and process design digital approach

Part 3 of #ConsumerGoodsTechTalks Series


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Innovate with confidence and overcome product design challenges

Discover the latest advancements in product design and engineering approaches by watching the third webinar in our smart product design series. Gain valuable insights into accelerating development, mitigating risks, and achieving exceptional product performance. Join our expert speaker as they delve into industry trends and provide actionable strategies for success.

Embrace the multi-physics approach for sustainable consumer goods design

The consumer goods industry faces unprecedented challenges due to evolving consumer preferences, the rise of challenger brands, supply chain disruptions, and regulatory compliance. As an industry leader, it is vital to stay informed and reassess your product innovation strategies to enhance product performance and explore new horizons. In today's digitally-driven world, product innovation and engineering teams require efficient processes and tools to swiftly evaluate all possible product attributes.

Streamline product design: Uncover digital approaches for simulation, concurrent design, and rapid iterations in smart manufacturing

Join us as we cover a range of important topics, including:

  • Implementing a digital thread approach for design validation that utilizes simulation and concurrent design, minimizing the need for physical prototypes
  • Innovating to deliver a product experience that seamlessly combines aesthetics and high-tech performance
  • Leveraging a model-based engineering methodology to optimize product architecture, design attributes, processes, and manufacturing interactions
  • Achieving over 200 product iterations within a short timeframe

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Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Giulio Camauli

Director Industrial Machinery Industry Solutions

Giulio Camauli joined Siemens in 1991, working in many roles ranging from Application Engineer to Customer Services Manager and his current role as the Director of Industrial Machinery Industry Solutions. Giulio continues to help industrial machinery customers innovate and improve product reliability, quality, productivity and more using simulation software solutions. He has helped countless customers from around the world learn new engineering processes that incorporate simulation into the design process.

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