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Formulation management and innovation in food and beverage manufacturing

Revolutionizing formula management to drive sustainable innovation


Recipe management systems

Accelerate innovation in the food and beverage industry with Siemens and General Mills by joining our exclusive on-demand webinar where we reveal the power of the digital thread in formulating products that meet evolving consumer preferences. Streamline processes, reduce errors, and expedite project timelines with digital methods as we show you how formulation management, through digitalization efforts, unlocks deeper insights into chemistry for greater innovation. Gain valuable insights into key success factors such as shelf-life, rheological behavior, nutritional value, and other performance markers, and discover how to predict physicochemical properties with precision, make informed ingredient and processing decisions, and leverage molecular simulations and machine learning techniques in the snack, food, and beverage industry. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to transform your approach to formulation – register now for the webinar!

Explore how manufacturers are utilizing molecular scale modeling

Join us for an exciting webinar as General Mills, Inc demonstrates the incredible possibilities of integrating formulation management and chemistry innovation within the realm of innovation project management. Be prepared to be amazed by the game-changing impact of molecular scale modeling in predicting physicochemical properties of food carbohydrate aqueous solutions. Discover the revolutionary potential of Simcenter Culgi's molecular simulations in transforming your approach. Gain valuable insights into tackling issues such as stickiness and clumping of carbohydrates through cutting-edge molecular modeling techniques.

Leverage F&B machine learning and simulation data

Enhance your F&B operations with advanced machine learning and simulation data. Tap into the power of molecular scale modeling to unlock valuable insights and train a machine learning engine on a vast collection of molecules. This cutting-edge technology enables instant property predictions without the need for additional calculations. Seamlessly integrate this valuable information into your digital formulation management tools, such as Opcenter RD&L, to optimize decision-making and streamline formulation design. Discover the crucial role of physics and data-driven material property predictions in milliseconds for agile formulation development. Don't miss the opportunity to leverage the vast potential of chemical space for optimal chemistry, a feat that traditional physical testing cannot match within industrial time and cost constraints.

Join our webinar and propel your formulation management and design to new heights

Transform your approach to formulation design with Siemens and General Mills. Join our on-demand webinar to uncover the limitless possibilities of digitalization, molecular simulations, and machine learning in the food and beverage industry. Be part of the game-changing event that will supercharge your formulation design, improve decision-making, and fuel innovation. Secure your spot today and lead the charge in shaping the future of snacks, food, and beverages.

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries

Glenn Longwell

Portfolio Development Executive

Glenn Longwell is responsible for the implementation of the physics based simulation portfolio (Simcenter) in the Pharmaceutical and CPG markets in the U.S. With a BS in Chemical Engineering, Glenn has over 37+ years in the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) space helping companies implement and gain value from simulation.

General Mills, Inc.

Laila Abudour

Sr. ITQ Engineer

Laila Abudour is a key member of a modeling and data science team that develops mechanistic modeling approaches and modern data-driven methodologies specializing in solving complex food processing problems. With extensive experience in thermodynamic modeling, thermophysical properties prediction, process simulation, and molecular modeling, she employ cutting-edge methodologies to drive innovation and optimize food processing operations. She holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Jan-Willem Handgraaf

Senior Technical Product Manager

Dr. Handgraaf has over 15 years of experience in industry and has co-authored close to 50 academic publications. He holds a master degree in theoretical chemistry and a PhD in Computational Chemistry and an MBA degree . Until recently, he was as Chief Application Scientist part of the management team of Culgi B.V., a software and services company based in Leiden, the Netherlands, with a focus on industrial multiscale modeling and is now a senior technical product manager responsible for the Simcenter Culgi product and team.

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