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Leveraging Consumer Product Goods manufacturing with an APS system


Leveraging Consumer Product Goods manufacturing with an APS system

The Consumer Product Goods (CPG) industry is on the move, manufacturers need to adapt faster than ever to meet consumer changing behaviors. From a production perspective, it means they need to anticipate as much as possible, and if not possible, they need to react faster.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can leverage your manufacturing with an APS system, and benefit from greater visibility, productivity improvement, customer service improvement, and a lot more.

Our speakers for this webinar:

Jeff Johnson, Managing Director of Kudos Solutions.
Operating in the F&B market for 22 years. Kudos understands the continuing challenges faced by the sector. Jeff has first-hand experience of the increasing workload pressures due to consumer demand for variation and works with the industry to implement tools to help manage this natural growth.

Sylvain Carrouée, Portfolio Developer EMEA at Siemens Digital Industries Software.
By playing different roles in industry software for about 20 years, Sylvain benefits from a solid expertise on production planning and scheduling (extended to supply chain management) and a strong industry knowledge.