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Optimize formulation development in CPG manufacturing


Optimize formulation development in CPG manufacturing

Formulation development is a cornerstone of innovation. CPG manufacturers are facing important challenges linked to product innovation, internal and market related. Learn more about our CPG Industry 4.0 Digital Formula Design Workspace.

Formulation design solution for consumer goods production

The consumer packaged goods industry needs to comply with strict market regulations, a large variety of customer requirements, business and cost constraints. Innovating and developing new products becomes harder, and a formula management solution becomes a necessity. Simulating the impact digital twin formula changes have on customer requirements and label declarations allows to act efficiently and reduce time-to-market.

Assure quality during consumer product development

This webinar presents the benefits of using a formula management solution in the CPG industry. Learn how CPG manufacturers can reduce their development time while ensuring full ingredients traceability and remaining fully compliant with global and local regulations.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Kevin Hoorne

Industry Manager for CPG focusing on Product Design Solutions

Kevin has been working in the food processing industry for the past nine years.Kevin’s previous experience includes six years in a chocolate processing company and three in a dairy/cheese packaging and manufacturing plant.