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Variability Management Webinar


Variability Management Webinar

Learn from our experts how industry leaders are managing the increase in product variability and still being able to deliver faster and more cost-efficiently.

Companies today are being increasingly challenged by their customers to offer more variety and individual choice for the products they offer. But for configuring to order (CTO) companies every new variant increases cost by 20%, while engineer to order (ETO) companies are under pressure to meet their time-to-delivery goals.

Based on real examples from our customer projects, we will explain how these challenges can be countered by leveraging configuration management and end-to-end ETO process automation.

You will learn how to:

  • plan products and feature offerings upfront in development;
  • how this helps to reduce efforts in downstream processes;
  • and how change management becomes easy;
  • how to reap the benefits of both CTO plus ETO approaches;
  • and how lead times of weeks can be reduced to hours by end-to-end ETO process automation.