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The advantages of a closed-loop quality system for discrete manufacturers


The advantages of a closed-loop quality system for discrete manufacturers

Discrete manufacturers and their suppliers are driving innovations to meet their customer demands for safe and high-quality products. As they are facing more demanding business requirements, manufacturers are bringing a more strategic approach to quality. Regardless of industry and market dynamics, manufacturers and their suppliers must meet the industry norms, quality standards and guidelines.

Quality can be considered fundamental for manufactures to achieve a competitive position and assure customer satisfaction. This webinar will explore:

  • the benefits of a closed-loop quality management approach
  • why your company needs to implement a robust solution to manage quality
  • how discrete manufactures can enable continuous improvements from a quality management system


Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Valentina Giovanna Lupo

Industry Manager for Discrete Manufacturing

Valentina is an industry manager for Siemens Digital Industries Software, with a focus on quality. She started her journey at Siemens three years ago in the business enablement team of manufacturing operations management. Before joining Siemens, she held different positions in quality management and R&D, both in Italy and Poland. She also covered project management positions, as a “Certified Project Management Associate – IPMA Level D®️”.