On-Demand Webinar

Successful Applications of CFD within the Aircraft Certification Process


New aircraft manufacturers and modifiers who seek regulatory certification are required to demonstrate compliance with applicable airworthiness regulations. Compliance must be demonstrated by test, or by analysis that is validated by test.
Since the flight test to the corners of the envelope is not practical or safe, development of a high fidelity full-vehicle model is critical to the successful completion of any certification program. For airplanes where structural flexibility is important, these models require a coupled aerodynamic and structural solution. Advances in CFD robustness, accuracy and simulation run-times, made possible by innovative licensing strategies and HPC in the cloud, have made it a viable replacement to costly wind tunnel testing for the development of full-vehicle models in the certification environment.
TLG Aerospace utilizes Simcenter STAR-CCM+ to generate the aerodynamics that inform the aero-structural models that are used for loads, flutter, and handling qualities certification. These models are ultimately validated by test to satisfy the regulatory requirements.
TLG will explore this and other niche applications for CFD in the certification process.