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1D CFD and stress analysis to ensure plant safety in energy and process industries

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Flomaster and COMOS Integration

Large plants are fantastically complex and have the potential to be quite dangerous places to work. A key driver for companies in the energy and process industries is to reduce energy and resource consumption as well as to increase profitability, but not at the expense of safety. The use of simulation throughout the engineering cycle is key to achieving all the above targets. In this webinar, Veit Bockemuehl, managing director of ESN (Engineering Services Network), will explain how they use surge and stress analysis to provide efficient, safe and innovative design solutions to their clients in the energy and process industries.

1D CFD and stress analysis: Enabling technologies for ensuring plant safety

During operation, piping systems are often subjected to flow and pressure fluctuations due to different procedures. Most of these are planned for, but they could also be due to emergencies. It is well understood that when some of these critical procedures, such as rapid valve closure or pump shut down occur, they can cause large pressure surges, also known as water hammer. If not accounted for, these surges can cause hydrodynamic loads to the system that are too large and compromise the safety of the plant.

The combined use of 1D CFD simulation for surge analysis and stress analysis allows engineers to consider these effects in an early design stage and provides key information to optimize the piping system design. This, in turn, minimizes the risks of failure as well as expensive overdesign.

The use of simulation, based on consistent and traceable geometric data coming from a single source of truth, allows companies to make informed decisions earlier. In this way, companies can increase their profitability by increasing engineering efficiency and reducing non-conformance costs while keeping plant safety at the center of their goals.

What you will learn in this webinar:

This webinar will provide an overview of the toolset used by Engineering Services Network to create efficient, safe and innovative design solutions, including:

  • 1D CFD simulation for surge analysis and computation of hydrodynamic forces
  • Stress analysis using hydrodynamic forces for optimal sizing of piping and support systems

In addition, you’ll learn about the growing portfolio of Siemens simulation capabilities dedicated to the energy and process industries.

Meet the speakers

ESN (Engineering Services Network – GmbH)

Dipl. Ing. Veit Bockemuehl

Managing Director

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Alberto Deponti

Senior Product Manager

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