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Answer Difficult Engineering Questions


Answer Difficult Engineering Questions

Simulation-driven design has helped thousands of engineers across the globe answer real engineering questions. However, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), as a simulation discipline is one of the most complicated to master. Until now. Unleash the power of CFD inside CAD. Featuring built-in specialist expertise and intelligent automation, CAD-embedded CFD software lets you conduct fluid flow and heat transfer analysis immediately after creating new design concepts. And more importantly it runs on your platform of choice – be it Siemens NX, Creo, CATIA V5 or Solid Edge.

Create better performing products, improve your design process efficiency and enhance productivity by up to 40x. Attend this short session to learn how you can leverage the power of simulation-driven design with the help of CAD-embedded CFD.

In this webinar about CFD inside CAD you will learn

  • What is CFD?
  • Why should I use CFD inside CAD?
  • Where can CFD help in the product development process?
  • How can I use CFD as a competitive edge?

Who should attend:

  • Engineering managers
  • Design engineers
  • Owners of medium-sized companies and engineering firms

Success Story using Simcenter FLOEFD: Real answers to real engineering problems

Seiko Epsom Corporation, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer printers as well as information and imaging related equipment, introduced Simcenter FLOEFD to empower designers to analyze their own designs and improve productivity. Simcenter FLOEFD was able to assist in the challenges the team faced with design of semiconductors in projectors. Semiconductors reach high temperatures with natural air cooling and are typically designed under the 60 percent attainment of industry standards. Designer knowledge and experience could not achieve this level of attainment easily, so Simcenter FLOEFD proved to be the key to solving this challenge. While some complex parts still required specialist analysis knowledge, others, such as enclosure air cooling, could bypass testing altogether as the users were extremely confident in the accuracy of the results.