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Ensuring Electronics Reliability with CFD


Ensuring Electronics Reliability with CFD

The biggest single reason that electronics fail is excessive heat, with over half of all electronics failure, traced back to thermal issues; and as high temperatures in electronics stresses components and solder joints. As more durable goods incorporate advanced technology, the reliance on electronics is giving manufacturers pressure to innovate more functionalities into their products and ensure reliability; while reducing product development time for quicker go-to-market to stay competitive.

The Digital Twin and Siemens Simulation Solutions can help to deliver compressed product development timescales in the creation and testing of electronic systems. Throughout the design stage, fast and accurate electronics thermal and multiphysics CFD simulation can help engineers understand the behavior of the design early and eliminate the less attractive options quickly so that it is right from the start which would eliminate warranty issues and costly recalls.

In this thermal management webinar, you will learn:

  • The importance of multiphysics effects in the design of electronics
  • Benefits of using simulation throughout the design process to determine:
    • Humidity levels that can lead to corrosion damage, accelerated by temperature
    • Physical vibration levels of electronics systems that can lead to product failures
    • Controlling noise of fans and pumps in the product as customers increasingly value ‘whisper-quiet’ operation as a ‘must-have’ indicator of quality
    • Dust accumulation in heatsinks and fans that can impact thermal performance over time and lead to failures
  • Use cases of companies using Siemens comprehensive CFD solutions and the value they have achieved
  • An expansive view of how Siemens Simcenter portfolio can give you a competitive advantage

Who should watch?

  • Mechanical engineers who design electronics
  • Project managers
  • Simulation analysts
  • Thermal specialists

About the Speaker

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Ruben Bons

Director, Electronics & Semiconductor for the Simulation & Testing Solutions

Ruben Bons is the Director, Electronics & Semiconductor for the Simulation & Testing Solutions segment of Siemens Digital Industries Software. He helps Siemens teams globally in their work with customers utilizing Simcenter STAR-CCM+ and gathers market guidance for the ongoing development of STAR-CCM+. Since earning his MSc degree from the University of Tennessee Space Institute in 1996 (with a focus on microgravity solidification), Ruben has worked in several CAE companies with roles ranging from support, consulting, product management, and business development. In total, he has more than 25 years of experience using simulation to help companies design better products, both through consulting projects and advising them on acquiring and utilizing simulation programs.

Ruben Bons joined Siemens as part of the acquisition of CD-adapco, which he joined in 2011, and is based near San Diego, California, USA.