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Improving quality lifecycle management in the electronics industry

Integrated solutions for accelerated electronics development


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As the electronics industry faces rapid ecosystem evolution, time-to-market windows and business profit opportunities shrink. The effects of the Internet of Things (IoT), new technologies, and shifting market landscapes compound these issues, forcing manufacturers to rethink their business and equip themselves with tools to accelerate electronic device development. Customers expect customized products that are quickly customized and require flawless quality. By digitalizing, companies can improve efficiency, profitability, product quality, and on-time deliveries. This drives quality management needs across the entire product lifecycle, from design to development.

Join us for our webinar as we explore the challenges the electronics industry faces in the face of rapid ecosystem evolution. Leveraging Siemens' integrated electronics lifecycle management solutions with native quality management system (QMS) tools, manufacturers can deliver complex, high-quality products and streamline their value chain.

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Valentina Lupo

Solution Domain Expert for Quality

Valentina is Quality Solution Domain Expert for Digital Manufacturing at the Siemens Digital Industries Software. She started her journey in Siemens five years ago as Industry manager for Discrete Manufacturing in Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM). Before joining Siemens, she held different positions in Quality Management and R&D in Italy and Poland, for domestic appliances companies. She also covered a Project Management position in Automotive Tier-supplier company. Valentina holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Polytechnic of Bari.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Katrin Leyh

Solution Domain Manager

Katrin has earned a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering. After her study, Katrin began her professional career in 1991 with IBS in Germany. With the implementation of production, quality and traceability management solutions IBS was a brand leader in the German-speaking market for over 30 years. Katrin worked in various roles including sales, customer relations and product management. Following the full integration of IBS into Siemens in 2016, Katrin has been responsible for global business development for the Siemens sales and services organization in quality management software. Today, Katrin is the Solution Domain Manager for Digital Manufacturing Quality at Siemens Digital Industries Software.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Pieter Allaer

Global Pre-Sales for Electronics Industries

Pieter Allaer is a seasoned global presales professional with over 25 years of experience in the Electronics industry. As the Director of Presales for Siemens Digital Industries Software in Belgium and Luxembourg, he leads a team of experts in delivering cutting-edge software solutions to electronics manufacturers.

Throughout his career at Siemens, Pieter has been instrumental in helping customers digitalize their processes and streamline their product development lifecycle. His deep understanding of the industry and expertise in Siemens' integrated electronics lifecycle management solutions and quality management system (QMS) tools have made him a valued asset to the company.

Pieter is a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the electronics industry, known for his insights on the latest trends and challenges. His dedication to excellence, customer-centric approach, and passion for innovation have contributed to the growth and success of Siemens Digital Industries Software in the region.

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