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Boost testing efficiency and product innovation with Simcenter Testlab


Boost testing efficiency and product innovation with Simcenter Testlab

In this webinar, our experts will explain how to boost efficiency and product innovation, tackling modern-day engineering challenges using Simcenter Testlab—the software for data collection, analytics, and modeling.

We will dive deeper into how we maximize the use of our testing solutions with real-life examples.

We’ll address topics such as:

  • How to speed up data collection and simplify the measurement process
  • How to convert measurements into insights with interactive and multi-domain analytics
  • How to connect test to simulation, closing the gap to introduce the concept of the digital twin

Test Engineering Key Learnings

In the ‘speed up data collection’ chapter, we will show you how you can accelerate your test preparation, introduce standardized tests in advanced testing engineering, and validate acquired data immediately, reducing costly testing time.

In the ‘convert measurements into insights’ chapter, we will show you how you can perform interactive and automated multi-domain analytics, how to identify the root cause and compare data promptly, and how to share your insights and reports easily.

In the ‘connect to simulation’ chapter, we will discuss how to provide simulation with loads and models, how to embed simulation results in the test setup, and finally, how to fine-tune simulation directly from the testing software.

In each chapter, we will show real-life examples and dive into engineering insights that you will need for more efficient testing with Simcenter Testlab.

Meet the Expert on Testing Software

Agnieszka Ołtarzewska - Product Manager Acoustics at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Agnieszka manages the acoustics products under Simcenter testing solutions throughout the product's lifecycle. She covers product's definition, deployment and go-to-market of hardware and software solutions for acoustical analysis, sound quality and material testing. She is strongly focused on usability and user's efficiency.

She uses the Simcenter Testlab software suite in her day-to-day work and knows the product well. Her years of expertise and experience with our testing solutions make her an excellent speaker for this webinar.

Discover the Software for Data Collection, Analytics, and Modeling

The Simcenter Testlab software suite significantly increases a test facility’s productivity, while delivering more reliable results, even when the availability of prototypes is dramatically reduced.

Our end-to-end testing solutions integrate multi-physics data acquisition hardware with a complete suite of data collection, analytics, and modeling software, for multidisciplinary test-based performance engineering.