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Meet ambitious oil and gas performance targets in today's complex environment

Siemens and SAP partnership benefits the energy industry


Oil and gas pipelines in front of a refinery.

<p>Oil and gas businesses are under pressure to meet demanding performance and sustainability targets while managing fast-changing market conditions. In this on-demand webinar, partners Siemens and SAP explore how adopting a <a href="https://www.plm.automation.siemens.com/global/en/industries/energy-utilities/capital-asset-lifecycle-management.html">Capital Asset Lifecycle Management</a> (CALM) approach helps oil and gas companies:
<ul><li>Streamline capital project delivery</li><li>Improve operational efficiency</li><li>Reduce execution risk. </li></ul>
Watch the webinar to discover how the Siemens Teamcenter CALM product combines with SAP’s business process solutions, such as ERP and SCM, to form a unified, holistic framework for managing energy asset lifecycles. </p><h2>Consolidate and manage capital project and operational data</h2><p>The Teamcenter CALM solution aggregates and manages capital project and operational data at an enterprise level and extends this information throughout the asset lifecycle. By constantly accessing plant, facility or factory asset data, oil and gas companies can aggregate, simulate, and analyze the information to improve decision-making. Discover how creating a closed-loop decision environment enables continual process optimization!</p><h2>Achieve better outcomes through Siemens partnership with SAP</h2><p>Siemens and SAP offer complementary software solutions for product lifecycle, supply chain and asset management through an expanded partnership that helps customers accurately represent digital threads and manage digital lifecycle solutions. Because of this partnership, customers can use best-in-class CALM solutions across the entire digital thread. Watch the webinar to learn how to achieve better outcomes and improve sustainability using aggregated engineering data that enables responsible design, materials, equipment and sourcing decisions. </p>

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