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Process planning for battery module and pack assembly in the era of smart manufacturing


Battery module and pack assembly process on a factory floor.

Battery manufacturers need to focus on process planning to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, innovate quickly, and meet sustainability goals. By adopting a smart manufacturing approach and implementing new technologies, battery manufacturers can become more competitive and successful.

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Battery industry faces fast-changing market demands

Battery manufacturers are under pressure to innovate and increase battery performance while scaling up production and reducing scrap rates and their carbon footprint. To meet these challenges, battery manufacturers need to adopt a smart manufacturing approach and leverage data to optimize their processes. A smart manufacturing approach and the use of a digital twin can be used to simulate and optimize production processes, identify potential bottlenecks, and train workers.

Improve the accuracy of MBOM with process planning

One of the most important benefits of using process planning software for MBOM management is that it allows manufacturers to view the mechanical and chemical battery components together. This is essential for ensuring that the MBOM is accurate and complete. By using process planning software, manufacturers can create a digital twin of their factory and simulate the entire manufacturing process. This allows them to identify and resolve any potential issues with the MBOM before they occur in the real world.

Innovate at the speed of software with integrated software solutions

Siemens Digital Manufacturing solutions offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to the development and operation of battery cell manufacturing production systems. These solutions are used by some of the world's leading battery manufacturers to achieve their production targets, improve product quality, and reduce costs.
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