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Advancing battery manufacturing using multiphysics insight

Improving battery technology to meet customer demand

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Two engineers use the digital twin and simulation to analyze a battery manufacturing process

As the world accelerates toward decarbonization, the demand for batteries – primarily driven by electric mobility – is set to increase ninefold by 2030.

To keep up with such a booming demand, battery manufacturers must make large investments to ramp up production in an incredibly short time.

Some of these investments must include Industry 4.0 solutions like simulation software and digital twins, which will be crucial to developing new battery designs, production processes, and recycling procedures.

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Battery Manufacturing

Battery material, cell production, and recycling all help to support advanced battery manufacturing technologies supporting e-mobility, the energy transition, climate change, and sustainability.

It's currently estimated only 70 to 90 percent of the total cell production can be used, while the rest contain defects.

As the battery industry matures, quality, cost, and competitive pressure will define who succeeds and who doesn't in this growing business.

Battery manufacturers face a tough situation of continuing fundamental innovation while also optimizing their plants for automation, sustainability, efficiency, and quality – to accomplish both, they'll need Industry 4.0 solutions.

Battery Production

Maximize battery production lines with simulation and testing solutions from Simcenter.

Digital twins and efficient testing solutions can help manufacturers meet growing battery demand with the latest battery technology.

Multiphysics simulations can be used to explore innovative solutions and gain valuable insight throughout the cell manufacturing process.

For manufacturing, Industry 4.0 solutions can be used for virtual commissioning, and once manufacturing is complete, testing software can ensure quality without over- or under-testing.

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn:

  • How multiphysics insights support battery manufacturers to excel in quality
  • Analyze battery production steps, commissioning and more in a virtual environment
  • Develop more efficient, flexible, and sustainable production lines
  • Employing the digital twin for preventive maintenance

In this on-demand webinar replay, "Advancing battery manufacturing using multiphysics insight,” two experts will discuss how simulation and testing solutions can improve the processes associated with battery manufacturing and production.

Meet the speakers

Senior Product Manager, E-mobility

Gaetan Damblanc

Siemens Digital Industries

Gaetan is product manager for powertrain electrification related technologies at Siemens PLM. His responsibility spans across battery modelling, electric machines design and electromagnetics to help developing solutions needed for the future xEVs. He is also responsible for the dissemination of best practice usage of these solutions. He worked previously as a Simcenter battery technical specialist.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Francesca Furno

Business Development Simcenter System – Fluids

Francesca is Business Developer for Simcenter System simulation solutions at Siemens Digital Industries Software, supporting Industrial Machinery customers Worldwide in their digitalization process.
She is Italian and she has received her MSc Degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as her Ph.D. Degree in Fluid Power from the Politecnico di Torino in Italy.
She furtherly moved to France to join Siemens on 2007 and today she is promoting Simcenter system simulation solutions as engineering tool to drive innovative technologies.

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