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BAR Technologies: Maritime innovation "under the sea"


BAR Technologies: Maritime innovation "under the sea"

“Under the sea” is the third session in a series of three webinars featuring BAR Technologies’ work at the leading edge of maritime innovation.

BAR Technologies have worked for and alongside their client SubSea Craft to design, build and test one of the most innovative craft in decades: SubSea Craft’s revolutionary VICTA Class Diver Delivery Unit (DDU) provides a truly unique combination of range, speed, and stealth – delivering outstanding operational capability.

Where innovation, technology, and experience combine to create the world's most advanced diver delivery unit

VICTA combines the characteristics of a Long-Range Insertion Craft with those of a
Diver Delivery Unit. It moves quickly and seamlessly from the surface to sub-surface, limiting exposure to a minimum and therefore reducing the risk of being detected. This transition, along with its performance in both domains, is enabled by an innovative fly-by-wire control system, making VICTA a generation ahead of other surface-submersible DDU’s.

VICTA’s impressive performance on the surface (c40kts and 250nm endurance) is matched by equally striking specification underwater where 4hrs endurance is sufficient to navigate 2 crew and 6 divers for 25nm.

Its compatibility with a standard ISO shipping container means that it can easily and discreetly be moved to an area of operation. Equally, it can be lifted within the cargo bay of a standard transport aircraft (i.e. Lockheed C-130 Hercules) or underslung from a heavy-lift helicopter (i.e. Boeing CH-47

With significant input from a Special Forces operator and SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) pilot with over 28 years of surface and sub-surface operational experience, VICTA designs reflect the needs of the operator.

In this webinar, you will learn how an integrated design and engineering simulation environment facilitated:

  • The optimization of speed and drag both on the surface and subsea
  • The analysis and development of complex subsea stability models
  • The development of a comprehensive digital twin of the craft, including its composite structure, bespoke mechanical components as well and control, pneumatic schematic and routing

Meet the speaker

BAR Technologies

Simon Schofield

Chief Technology Officer

Simon Schofield is the chief technology officer of BAR Technologies and a veteran of multiple America’s Cup, Volvo ocean race and grand prix race yacht campaigns. Simon was most recently head of design and engineering at BAR Land Rover, the British America’s Cup entrant from 2016.

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