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Road to AUTOSAR Release R20-11

Estimated Watching Time: 32 minutes


Road to AUTOSAR Release R20-11 – A car driving down a highway road towards a mountain range.

Automotive E/E architecture complexity is increasing due to automated driving, electrification, and connected vehicle applications. To manage design complexity, meet design constraints, and deliver a rich and flexible solution, OEMs seek to opt for state-of-the-art automotive software standards such as AUTOSAR. Moreover, reliable, and efficient tooling is required to automate tasks and ensure quality by using consistency checks to deliver "correct-by-construction" software and perform virtual validation. Siemens Capital Embedded platform brought up to date with AUTOSAR release R20-11 accelerates time to SOP with off-the-shelf essential software components, rapid porting, and efficient tooling support.

This webinar will explore the latest advancements in the AUTOSAR standard, primarily focusing on its milestone R20-11 release, and highlight the benefits of adopting these standards for automotive software development. Register now!

You will learn:

  • How Capital Embedded platform enables the realization of new concepts with a feature rich AUTOSAR implementation and tooling.
  • Discover the benefits of adopting R20-11, such as improved interoperability and scalability.
  • Explore this release's new features, such as support for future car architectures (e.g., zonal ECUs) and advanced multicore, functional safety, and cybersecurity capabilities.

Whether you are an automotive software engineer or a manager, this webinar will provide valuable insights into the latest trends in AUTOSAR standards and how they shape the automotive industry's future. Register now!

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Dr. Ahmed Majeed Khan

Senior Engineering Manager

Dr. Ahmed Majeed Khan is an engineering enthusiast experienced in working with cross-functional groups to push the envelope of technology implemented in diverse automotive and consumer electronic domains. Having a proficiency managing onshore and off-shore development of innovative and disruptive products, he led teams around the globe to produce several high volume, high-quality system-level solutions. Currently, Dr. Khan is a Senior Engineering Manager at Siemens, where he assists in creating a market-leading automotive-grade product portfolio. He is also Siemens’ focal point towards the international automotive software consortium of AUTOSAR. He holds a doctorate in Engineering Management from George Washington University, an MS in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University and has over a decade of experience working with embedded systems.

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